The new content kings

Overwhelming the companies GoPro, Amazon, and Alibaba are the new content kings in the marketplace. With the digital lenses incorporated in these amazing little cameras for Go Pro, and media conduits Amazon, and Alibaba, much of what we used to do in the 80’s, 90’s and even in the last decade, is now available to every man and woman on the street.  We are seeing the latest in drones, that can be packed in a backpack and randomly taken up mountains, in caves and all number of unusual places to get that random shot or generalized footage. We are seeing production companies spring up developing quirky content to feed the masses. Camera companies are scrambling to suck up every consumer dollar with their latest in technology, and even manufacturers such as Apple, Google, and Samsung, are developing tools to capture every moment in 4k resolution or more. So what does that mean for us in the Film and TV industry, advertising, and marketing industries? It’s a fantastic opportunity to lift our game even more by integrating the technology into more explosive ways of telling the story. Forget working with greenscreen, and spending hours in the post-production processes, when now we can get back to creating more visually appealing storylines, and richer based direction.

That doesn’t mean that now because technology is so much cheaper to purchase, that our ideas should be a reflection of that, and that we’re not just commodities to be bought and sold at will. Clients should be paying for our experience and insight into what’s going to work and what’s not. It’s a fine mix, but we still find that unless you tell them they just take it for granted that we just work on an hourly basis, like any tradesperson.

In 2012 we shot our last film commercials, combining 35mm with 4 other formats to create the effects that we wanted. With far too much content, we easily crafted what was required, (by the client I might add), however, the only rationale for using film then, was the perceived quality required, when at the end, no one could tell the difference between all the formats. So the point I am making here is that it’s not about the technology, but about the people who are driving it, the short and long-term effects.

The new content kings, GoPro, who are now a content creation company, will always end up producing content that is extreme, as they have created a niche for themselves and their subscribers. Amazon is one of the world’s largest marketplace, has developed their media platform so that you can subscribe as you would any cable network. Their content hopefully will be top end, exclusive drama, and docos, but time will yield to see if that’s true or not. Alibaba, another giant amongst the online shopping is going in a more challenging direction, investing in gaming technology companies and altered reality. Watch this space, as it could get very interesting in the new 18 months or so.

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