Social Network to find and share homemade dishes between individuals. For a French client, it engages you with your neighbors. IOS and Android.

An extremely busy Sydney based Formworks company, they wanted to update their site with a more visually compelling layout, gradually adding to it as required. (AUSTRALIA)

The Hankook tyre group are based in South Korea and are currently the seventh largest tyre manufacture in the world. A co relation between man and the road this spot was designed to give Hankook a global branding across barriers often overlooked. Designed for use in cinema, where its niche targeting, and can be gender […]

Earthrace Conservation operates in 7 countries worldwide. The aim was to create a new website, develop campaigns, and raise capital through various sources including kickstarter. Social media, Google, and word of mouth is constantly building this brand, and awareness of its causes. (NEW ZEALAND)

A development that’s taken traditional mediums into the digital realm with websites, videos, niche targeting and social media and Google adwords campaigning. (NEW ZEALAND)

Showcasing what happens on an extreme shoot, with multiple cameras, different formats, and a stunning location. Shows the complexity of the execution. This was a monumental time for us as it was our final shoot with 35mm film as a component in the production. Directors Cut (INDIA)

A revamp of a site makes all the difference when driving sales and creating brand awareness to a SME.

Designed with some fifty franchises in mind, the goal was to use Google Places and Google My Business to best effect. Now Franchisees can have constant updates and be connected a lot more with customers.

For McCann Erickson Europe, a startling series of cleverly designed scenarios shot on traditional film, and in high speed over a three-day period.

Interactive APP that gives knowledge about tanning and info. Calculates darkness by scanning and providing a scale from lighter to darker. IOS at ITunes.

An Ecommerce corporate site in PHP and MySQL. Used to showcase the restaurant it features a booking and delivery system to the customers' doorstep.

Created for Korea, locally known actress was used to focus on a growing wealthy market. High Speed Digital and a Russian Arm were used over 3 days.

Users create video moments anytime and share, anytime, anywhere with friends and family, or fans. Developed for a Texas based company.

Development improvements with B2B, and B2C sub sectors, improvement of Statistics and Ranking increase usability seamlessly within the portal.

A motion comic blends Still Illustration, Photography, Video and Digital Art to create a cinematic tale by creator Stedroy Cleghorne. A first of its kind. IOS and Android.

FES Beverage Group Turkey, 1969, has now 15 breweries in Turkey, Russia, and Southeast Europe. They chose to highlight their flagship with this product.

Ecommerce site in Microsoft.NET using C#, ASP .NET and SQL server. UK based client selling Jewellery and Antiques.

Maps on railway lines, Metro, Bus, Noctilien, Tramway (T1 TO T3) bus exits, etc and Airport Routes for those living in Paris. IOS and Android.

Part of a series, this Coke Zero spot was shot in Budapest for the European market. With Digital acquisition nowadays campaigns are increasingly niche specific.

Content Development for American website, and streamed to a specific demographic audience, spots were shot on Digital and edited to suit the web.

Campaign developed as a trial to educate youth on relationships. Social Media results revealed 700 students were engaged rurally 5 to 7 times a week.

Community engagement at a national level. Social media incentives to change exposure, response timing, and create awareness up to 85% (2009/10).

Content Development for American website, and streamed to a specific demographic audience, spots were shot on Digital and edited to suit the web.

Shot in Budapest, this records what takes place in the making of a series of spots with diverse propping, costumes, and mechanical rigging to make successful ads.

Creating unique propositions is always challenging, but it is important to push the parameters, and make something that is more than just a commercial.

Focusing on our sports development, water sports are one of our specialties. This promo was developed for the BBC of the upcoming series.

An ongoing strategy for Hyundai, this commercial was aimed at a specific demographic, (30’s) women, and shot over two days with interesting effects.

Part of Cycle Village TV, one bike looked at was the Cervelo R3 640 Road Bike, as used in the Tour De France. Such is the diversity we work with nowadays in Digital.

Over a 2-week period, over the various states of Australia, a cross section slice of society was created, aimed at the American market. Developed as commercials.

For a winter campaign, and while talent were on assignment in New Zealand, commercials were hurriedly made to reflect the still photography.

Showcasing what happens on an extreme shoot, with multiple cameras, different formats, and a stunning location. Shows the complexity of the execution.

Our Offer

We strike the best combination of production and values to guarantee quantifiable results. With one touch-point to review, deliver and monitor, we create content that is effective utilizing craft with technology. In a nutshell, we use digital video, still photography, web and mobile applications, social media, and adwords campaigns.


Digital Cinema, Digital Photography

Our films and stills serve informational purposes, engage the viewer and help connect with your brand better.

  • Establish your best stories, open dialogues validate and reinforce your customer’s position.
  • Animate, test, refine potential engagements/interactions with customers.
  • Uncover trends/patterns into how, why, who engages with your content, evolve.

It’s time to stop wondering and start strategizing, producing, and engaging with real business intelligence. Better knowledge, better content.


Web Development, Mobile Applications

We offer interactive communities, mobile applications and games that can all be part of your online presence. Shifting communities use mobile applications. Gaming, strategy, direct response; all with a better engagement with your customer.

  • Web Design-integration, portal design, microsite for mobiles
  • Application design for IOS and Android
  • Content Consumption – Social Media Integration, 2nd Screen, and Internet-Connected Devices such as PCs,

Laptops, Tablets, Smartphones, Set Top Boxes, Smart TV, Media Players and Gaming Consoles such as Wii, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360.


Social Media & Adwords

  • Conceptualization, brainstorming Integrated Campaigns
  • Ongoing Social Media campaigns
  • Google Adwords developments based on campaign triggers
  • Remarketing and strategic deployment
  • Orchestration and Post Analysis

Digital Packages

From brand recognition to sales performance, the Digital Packages spend for online campaigns has exploded.As companies use the medium 24/7 there are analytics that can be monitored so that activities can be tuned up within 24 hours. Advertising has come a long way, and clients should take advantage of all the mediums available, by creating compelling storylines, and innovative campaigns using all the digital packages accessible to them. Not just creating video and social content for the sake of it. Many might think a digital video is the answer, it’s not always a highly expensive solution, or a cheap off the wall $2k job that will suffice. Each package we offer is completely different than the next. One has to evaluate more than just what we perceive as being important, as research often shows us completely different things. Playing around with inexperienced people in this field is costly in the long run, as it can quickly ruin your reputation. We ensure that:

  • Delivery in all video standards and formats, to all devices where applicable to the end user, which can include virtual reality, 3D, digital video and cinematic conversion if necessary.
  • Adjust video streams to match each viewer’s system and preferences to gain maximum effect, which includes mobile devices, iPads and tablets.
  • Measure results in real time-making it easy to analyse and adjust, so that media can be spent more carefully around ROI, using Google, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, if those markets are appropriate.
  • Help you build longer return on the investment, by providing a number of solutions and tuning them as we go.
  • Make it easy to work with multiple ad networks for the online data and response


We are unique.
 A hybrid group of professionals coming from Film. Web. Game Design. We love storytelling. As a tool. As a discipline. As an insight. As an experience. Technology allow us to create exciting new experiences.




With over 30 years experience in advertising, including film and video editing, visual effects, directing and producing, Rex free-lanced Internationally Directing film commercials in 19 countries, as well as Producing training, corporate, drama, virtual reality, touch screen technologies, and 3D animation. He works on a project-by-project basis for Interactive, Mobile, Digital Photography and Cinematic Development for clients.

<strong>VICTOR WEINSTOCK</strong>



A multidisciplinary producer and creator of video and hybrid arts such as interactive multimedia installations, Victor directed educational videos in diverse formats -“holographic”, 3D, 360d- for museums AMBAR and MIDE in Mexico. He was director of the TV series The web: guilty or innocent? for Mexico’s Ministry of Education. As Artistic Director of Teatro Polyforum, he’s directed multimedia staging of plays Chaos by Antonio Alamo, as well as many others. He has also been Managing Director at the newly opened 3LD Art & Technology Center in New York City.




Mark began his career in the film industry in 1977, as a production assistant. Following his training through the 90’s he became a DOP, shooting music videos, TVCs and drama. Having shot a wide range globally, Mark also works on films and Drama series. Most of the time, he can be found on various sets of features, now that the cost of films has been reduced greatly. His skills include using the latest in technology, and exploring new opportunities, and of course flying as he’s an International pilot.




A designer of over 10 years Veronica specialises in designing promotional branding, cartooning and illustrative work. Having worked on thousands of projects from around the world, she brings to northern studio, a clever use of her design skills, that integrate into clients workflows. She is also proficient in photoshop, retouching, illustrator, and powerpoint for dynamic illustrative use.




With a broad experience of 25 years in the scientific supply industry in marketing, administration, OH&S and event management Wai-Lin has managed 2-year science products catalogues production from concept to launch, contributing extensively to its editorial content. Now in research for specific projects, distribution, and other related opportunities she works on contractual arrangements with our clients.
<strong>RICARDO RAIMUNDO</strong>



From low polygon models to high-resolution digital sculptures, Ricardo has been a 3D Artist since 2008 having graduated with a Diploma in Design. His expertise, ranges from 3D gaming models to animation, architectural visualizations, fluid, smoke, fire and cloth simulations and all you can imagine in between. He takes ideas and turns them in an appealing visual reality.




Over the last 5 years Vishal has developed a wide range of websites using Advance PHP, WordPress, Magento, Opencart, Codeigniter, HTML5, CSS3, Ajax and MySQL including sites for small businesses and Enterprise Level SaaS Applications. He brings an excellent knowledge about API integration like Amazon, Authorize.net, Paypal, Stripe, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn , Google Map, YouTube, Twilio. Client satisfaction is one of his prime mottos, and he is constantly pushing the envelope
<strong>JOHN WHITESIDE</strong>



John has a wide variety of experience across multiple disciplines within the visual media community. He started his career by accidentally creating and hosting one of the highest rating music shows on Alt TV in NZ. Since then he obtained a Degree in Film and Visual Arts, and now edits Commercials and Television shows, produces independent projects and shoots music videos and corporates, using the new breed of emerging technologies.

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